Christmas Sermon: Peace Problem

Here is a free Christmas sermon for your youth group!

This free Christmas sermon is designed to help students find peace in their hearts by pursuing the Prince of Peace himself.

Christmas is a lot like eggnog — it’s really good at first, but somehow loses its appeal by the time it’s over. There’s only so many calories you can handle, right? At its core, Christmas can be a little chaotic. Too much time with family leads to fights. Purchasing a lot of gifts can lead to debt. Loss in your family leads to sorrow while sitting at a table with an empty seat. Lack of solid friendships leads to loneliness. As a matter of fact, Christmas is known to be one of the most depressing seasons for people.

It’s ironic that we can celebrate peace on earth while struggling to find peace in our hearts.

During Christmas, we celebrate peace on earth, but some cannot find peace in their own lives. Many of us have a peace problem. We act as though Jesus brings peace to all mankind, but somehow misses us. People experience a problem with peace due to a number of reasons — present circumstances, past mistakes, or future worries. I get it, there are hundreds of thoughts and situations trying to steal your peace. Hear me out though. There is no mistake you can make that will separate you from His grace.

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This free Christmas sermon includes:

–An editable sermon outline
–A small group discussion guide
–Branded screen graphics

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