Free Galatians Devotional

Galatians Devotional

You can use this for your personal study, church, youth group, DNOW, or student ministry. Paul wrote Galatians to his friends to help them make sense of their faith. Christianity … Read More

Free Jonah Devotional for Students

Jonah Devotional for Youth

Here is a free Jonah Devotional that was written for students and youth ministry. What happens when following Jesus means doing something you don’t want to do? Whether it’s traveling … Read More

Leadership Devotional for Students

Leadership Devotional

Here is a free leadership devotional for your students! What comes to mind when you think of a leader? Most of us imagine a captivating communicator standing on stage while … Read More

Student Devotional: Famous Last Words

Jesus found himself on the receiving end of Roman torture and execution. He had caused quite a ruckus in the Jewish communities under Rome’s rule. In the peoples’ eyes, Jesus … Read More