6 Ways to Shock Your Congregation This Easter

Easter is all about surprise, right? Jesus rose from the dead- surprise! In keeping with that theme, here are six ways to totally shock your congregation during your Easter service.


#1 Pelt Easter eggs at them
You’re going to have a ton of them lying around uneaten anyways, and you know there’s a person or two in your church who needs it, so give ‘em the ol 1-2.


#2 Have offering taken up in easter baskets, by your elders, who are dressed in bunny costumes
Think of it as payback for when Larry voted against your church budget plan.


#3 Explain Jesus resurrection with an analogy comparing it to Justin Timberlake’s big comeback in 2013
No more bye, bye, bye, get it?


#4 Pop out of a giant chocolate bunny you have disguised as part of the set design before you begin preaching


#5 Suggest that you may have been related to one of the Roman soldiers standing guard
So you’ve been spending a lot of time on ancestry.com, and if you read it on the internet, it’s probably true.


#6 Instead of preaching, just play Veggietales “an Easter Carol”

Veggie tales is close enough to scripture, right?

Okay, so, we’re totally kidding. Please don’t do anything on this list this Easter!

However, we do want to point out that you’re going to have an extremely important opportunity this Easter. Easter is one of church’s most highly attended days of the year. You’re going to be able to present the Easter story to people who have never heard it before, or who haven’t heard it in a long time. No matter what role you play in the church, you can have a part in changing someone’s life this easter. As a pastor, resist the temptation to dust off that same old Easter sermon you may have preached before. If you’re a worship leader, don’t just sing the same songs you’ve been singing all year. You have the chance to present the gospel in a new and engaging way.

How are you going to capture the attention of your congregation?

About the Author

Sarah DeVoe


Sarah Rose DeVoe was born in Vermont, is an alumni of Word of Life Bible Institute, and is now a senior at Davis College in New York. She grew up in Jos, Nigeria, and has no idea how to answer the question, “Where are you from?” She loves taking pictures, discovering new shows, and considers herself a cat person.